It is delightful to share information about an Academic Partnership and Drone Practical Session jointly organized by the Department of Geography at the South Eastern University of Sri Lanka and the Department of Geography at the University of Kelaniya. The event was held at the Faculty of Arts and Culture, SEUSL on 14-02-2024.

This collaborative initiative aims to enhance academic engagement and foster practical skills in the field of geography through the utilization of drone technology. The event promises to be an enriching experience, providing participants with valuable insights and hands-on experience in the application of drones for geographical research and analysis.

Prof. A. Rameez, Vice Chancellor, participated as the Chief Guest, along with Prof. MIM. Kaleel, Chief Organizer of the Collaboration, SEUSL, and Mr. K. Nijamir, Head of the Department of Geography. Prof. Fazil, Dean, FAC, SEUSL, and Prof. AG. Amarasingha and Senior Prof. Lal Marvin Dharmasiri from the University of Kelaniya participated as Guests of the occasion. Other senior and junior academics, as well as students from both universities, also attended the event. Notably, 93 students and 07 academic staff visited SEUSL from the University of Kelaniya for the above purpose.