Applications are invited from Government Departments, Government Owned Business Undertakings, Public Corporations, Reputed Suppliers, Local Agents, Manufacturers, Dealers, Business Organizations and Contractors who wish to register themselves with the South Eastern University of Sri Lanka for the supply of under mentioned goods and services for the year 2016.

If registration is sought for more than one category of goods and service Separate application should be made for each category and shall be sent under one cover. A non-refundable deposit of Rs. 1000/= should be paid for the registration of each category. The application should be accompanied by a bank draft with validity of 90 days, drawn in favour of The Bursar, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka.

Chegue and money orders will not be accepted. Application on the contrary will not be considered. Applicants should seek registration only for the business appearing in their business registration certificate.

The University reserves the right to accept or reject any application. Any supplier who fails to honour the bid invitations in consecutive three (3) times shall be removed from the list of registration of suppliers 2016 without any notice. Quotation for goods and services will normally be called for from the list of registered suppliers but the University reserves the right to call for quotations from any other competitive offers.

The suppliers registered for the year 2016 should agree to offer credit facilities for a period of at least 30 days. If this condition is violated, even after registration, such supplier will be blacklisted.

If the supplier is liable for VAT, the certified copy of VAT certificate should be attached with application, if the supplier is not liable for VAT, a recent VAT exemption certificate obtained from Inland Revenue Department has to be attached with the application. If the supplier is exempted or reduced the rate for any WHT by the Commissioner General of Inland Revenue, the certified certificates of such should be submitted with the application. Those who do not submit the above certificate and incomplete application will be rejected.

All applications marked "Registration of Suppliers - 2016" on the left hand corner of the envelope should be addressed to the Senior Assistant Bursar, Stores and Supplies, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka, University Park, Oluvil # 32360 and sent under registered cover to reach us on or before 30.11.2015.

Applicants should forward a copy of Business Registration Certificate along with the application. Those who do not submit the above specified certificates and incomplete application will be rejected.

List of category

Ser. No Category Service
01 Office Stationery Photocopy papers, duplicating paper, typing sheet, carbon paper, paper fax rolls, file cover, CR Books, note books, Paper pin, paper clip, stapler, stapler pin, pen, pencil, paper weight, ink pad, pad ink, white board marker, permanent marker, red tape, numbering machine, Bristol board, Gum, glue, Calculator, etc.
02 Toners Photocopier Toner, printer's toner, cartridge for printer and fax, stencil, printer ribbons, etc.
03 Cleaning Items Detergents, Disinfectants, Soap, Industrial soap, Air fresheners, etc.
04 Wooden Furniture Chairs, Tables, Cupboards, Beds, Racks, Almirah, Bookshelf, Lecture hall table & chairs, Computer table & Chairs, Shelves, trolley, counters, double sided newspaper rack, displayer, study table & chairs, etc.
05 Steel Furniture Table, Almirah, Filing cabinet, Iron safe, etc.
06 Teaching & office Equipment Photocopier, roneo machines, fax machines, printers, multimedia, white board electronic screen, duplicating machine, scanners, library equipments, Telephone and intercom systems, over head Projector, , Barcode readers, ID Card printer, Finger Print Machines, Work station circulation pads, etc.
07 Electrical Goods Deep-freezes, refrigerators, Air-conditioners, Televisions, Video sets, Audio equipment, ovens, Vacuum cleaners, fans, electric irons, Generator, Water coolers, Water filters, water pump, Power generators, etc.
08 Kitchen Utensils & Equipments Crockery, Cutlery, Kitchen utensils, Hot Cupboard, electric boiler, Filters, Kettles, etc.
09 Safety Equipments Safety equipment, security equipment, fire extinguishers, fire protection equipment, fire alarms systems, safety wears, etc.
10 Audio Visual & Electronic Equipments PABX & Intercom systems, Telecommunication instrument & sets, Public addressing systems, Video recorders, Voice Recorders, CCTV Cameras, etc.
11 Garden Equipments Gardening tools and equipments (Lawn Movers, Brush cutters, Tractors, Plastic and cement pots, etc.)
12 Laboratory Equipments Laboratory equipment and tools, Microscope, Bio-chemistry analyzer, Autoclave, ice makers, ovens, etc. for science faculty
13 Engineering Equipments Workshop machines, Tools and equipments, carpentry tools and equipments, mechanical tools & equipments, etc. for engineering faculty
14 Computer & Computer Related Items Computer, UPS, computer other related items, Computer software & Hardware, Networking Accessories, etc.
15 Building materials Bricks, river sand, rubble, metal and lime, cement, etc.
16 Timber & Others Timber & sawn timber, planks, rafters, etc.
17 Hardware Items Steel, GI pipe, Iron, GI sheets, wire nails, bolts, nuts, water tank, mammoties, pickaxes, wheelbarrows, ladders, tiles, asbestos sheets, PVC pipe and fitting, Glass sheets, tiles, bathroom fittings, manufactured door (Plywood PVC Doors)water taps & ball valves, brushes, broom, etc.
18 Paints Paints, polish, wax, varnish, thinner, etc.
19 Electricals Goods and Accessories Torch Light and Batteries, Bulbs, wire meters, cables, switches, plug/tops, holders, Electrical Meters, conduit pipes and similar items, UPS Batteries, etc.
20 General Printing File covers, Envelops, Letter Heads, Books and Periodicals, Leaf lets, digital banners, cloth banners, etc.
21 Sports Items Sports Items, Sports Wares, Recreational goods and Fitness machines, etc.
22 Library Books & Periodicals Local & foreign, etc.
23 Laminating & Binding Laminating and binding of books, book binding materials, block, rubber seals, date stamps, etc.
24 Special Printing Supply and printing of ornaments, gift items etc.
25 Medical Supplies Pharmaceuticals, Drugs, Medicine, Firs Aid Supplies, Surgical Instruments, etc.
26 Chemical & Glassware Chemical, Glassware items, etc.
27 Textiles & Garments Uniform, curtain materials, National and other types of flags and banners, Umbrellas, mosquito nets, binding cloth, nylon thread, Beddings (Bed sheets, bed covers, Pillows, pillow cases) etc.
28 Leather and rexin products Carpets, shoes, bags, briefcase, raincoats, belts, caps, leather papers, canvas product, etc.
29 Convocation items Clock, garlands, caps, etc.
30 Musical Instruments Bass guitar, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, drum set, electrical key board, octopod, violin, box guitar, tablas, flute, congo, bongo, microphone & mixture, etc.
31 Nursery materials, Plants & Seeds
32 Food and Refreshments Supply and service of foods and beverages and Catering services
33 Agro chemicals and Fertilizers Admire, BPMCP, Round up, pyrinex, mospilan powder, captan powder, AMP, YPM, etc.
34 Hiring of Vehicles Passenger van-with AC & Without A/C, Passenger Bus, lorry, etc.
35 Hiring of Machineries (Construction) JCB, Excavator, Compressor, pay loader, etc.
36 Hiring of Photographic Service Hiring of photographic and video Equipments.
37 Hiring of Labour Supply of skilled, semi skilled and un-skilled labour, cleaning and gardening maintenance services.
38 Engineering Services Electrical wiring, Installation/ Repairs to water supply sewerage and plumbing, Fabrication and installation of iron/aluminum flexure related to building
39 Vehicles Spare Parts Motor spare parts, vehicle batteries, tyre and tubes, etc.
40 Vehicles Services & Repair Repairs to Motor vehicles (Bus, Car, Van, Double cabs, Tractors), Vehicle service and interior cleaning etc.
41 Supply of Petrol and Diesel Petrol, Diesel, oil, etc.
42 Other vehicle Services Vehicle canopy, Cushion work, covers carpeting etc.
43 Other Services 43.1. Polishing and reconditioning of furniture 43.2. Interior decoration, carpeting, curtain, others 43.3. Laundering facilities 43.4. GPS, Tripod and all kinds of survey equipment 43.5. Preparation of steel & plastic name boards, etc.
44 General Repairs Plant and machinery, Generators, Air conditioners, Refrigerators, Water pumps, Communication equipments, etc.
45 Furniture Repairs Wooden, steel, fiber glass, rattening of chairs, etc.
46 Repairs to Electric & Electronic Equipments Computer, photocopier, fax machine, printers, Duplo machine, Ledger binders, electronic screen, multimedia, scanners, UPS, TV, etc.

South Eastern University of Sri Lanka
University Park
Oluvil # 32360