South Eastern University Open Day Draws Record Crowd

The South Eastern University of Sri Lanka (SEUSL) held an open day on October 24-25, 2023, to mark its 27th anniversary. The event was a huge success, attracting almost 150,000 visitors from across the country.

The open day was organized by the university's six faculties, which each hosted a variety of events and activities. Visitors had the opportunity to tour the university campus, learn about the university's academic programs, and see demonstrations of the university's research. There were also cultural performances, food stalls, and games for children.

The open day was a major success for SEUSL. It helped to raise awareness of the university and its contributions to the community. It also provided an opportunity for the university to connect with the people of the region.

Vice Chancellor's Initiatives Pay Off

The open day was a significant success for Vice-Chancellor Professor Prof. (Dr.) Aboobacker Rameez. He has made it a priority to connect the university with the community since taking office in 2022. "This open day is a testament to our efforts to make SEUSL more accessible and inclusive," said Professor Rameez.

“ We want to be a university that is open to everyone, and this event was a great way to achieve that goal." Professor Rameez's initiatives have been praised by students, faculty, and community members. They have helped to make SEUSL a more vibrant and engaged institution.

*Future Plans*

Professor Rameez said that he plans to continue to organize events that connect the university with the community. He also plans to expand the university's community outreach programs to reach even more people. "We want to be a university that is a resource for the entire region," said Professor rameez. "We are committed to serving the community and making a difference in people's lives."