The Office of Strategic Planning Implementation and Monitoring (OSPIM) recently organized a workshop aimed at initiating the strategic plan for the South Eastern University of Sri Lanka for the period spanning 2024 to 2028. The workshop, which took place on Thursday, 04th May 2023, brought together a diverse group of key stakeholders and influential figures from within the university community.

Gracing the occasion as the Chief Guest was Prof. A. Rameez, Vice Chancellor of the South Eastern University. Prof. Rameez, a highly respected and experienced academician, actively participated in the workshop, sharing his valuable insights and contributing to the discussions throughout the day. His presence lent significant weight to the proceedings and underscored the importance of strategic planning in steering the university toward a prosperous future.

The welcome address was delivered by Prof. MM. Fazil, the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Culture. In his opening remarks, Prof. Fazil warmly welcomed all attendees and expressed his excitement about the strategic planning process, highlighting its potential to shape the university's path forward in the coming years.

During the workshop, FHA. Shibly, the Director of OSPIM, took the stage to present an overview of the university's progress on the strategic plan thus far. He highlighted the key milestones that have been achieved and identified crucial areas requiring further development. The presentation shed light on the objectives and priorities that the university aims to address during the designated timeframe.

Dr. A. Haleem, Head of the Department of Accountancy and Finance in the Faculty of Management and Commerce, served as the resource person for the workshop. Drawing upon his expertise, Dr. Haleem provided valuable insights into financial planning and resource allocation strategies, which are essential components of the university's strategic plan. His guidance and knowledge proved instrumental in helping participants devise a robust financial framework to support their long-term goals.

The workshop witnessed active participation from a wide range of stakeholders within the university community. Notable attendees included the Deans, Librarian, Acting Bursar, Heads of departments, Directors, Administrative Heads, Administrative heads of the financial division, Faculty representatives of OSPIM, Assistant Statisticians, and other key personnel. Their collective involvement and contributions ensured a comprehensive and inclusive approach to the strategic planning process.

The workshop marked a significant milestone in initiating the strategic plan for the South Eastern University of Sri Lanka for the years 2024 to 2028. With the valuable insights shared by all key stakeholders, the university community is poised to lay a solid foundation for its future endeavors. As the strategic plan takes shape, it is expected to guide the university toward achieving its vision of academic excellence, fostering innovation, and making a positive impact on society.