Themes of Technological Advancement

  • T1. Advanced forecasting and nowcasting system
  • T2. Mapping and zoning by GIS and ground-based / airborne platforms
  • T3. Monitoring and surveillance systems
  • T4. IT-based coordination networks and technologies
  • T5. Disaster-resilient housing and sheltering
  • T6. Retention-walls and earth stabilization techniques
  • T7. Disaster-resilient electrical systems
  • T8. Urban planning
  • T9. Protection systems, safety structures and smart evacuation techniques
  • T10. Sociological tools

Atmospheric extreme events of concern

  • E1. Cyclones and heavy rain
  • E2. Prolonged droughts
  • E3. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions
  • E4. Thunderstorms and lightning
  • E5. Hailstorms and dust storms
  • E6. Cloudbursts and microbursts
  • E7. Wind gusts, gales and tornadoes
  • E8. Heat waves and cold waves
  • E9. Acid rains
  • E10. Tsunami

Adverse effects of extreme events on geo-surface

  • AE1. Flashfloods
  • AE2. Landslides
  • AE3. Deterioration of surface topology
  • AE4. Impacts on agriculture
  • AE5. Impacts on fisheries industry
  • AE6. Heath and sanitation issues
  • AE7. Impacts on forestry and vegetation
  • AE8. Impacts on Water resources